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  • Cleaning Up With Laundry Efficiency

    How You Can Clean Up with Laundry Efficiency

    — Many people look for ways to save money on electric bills and become more efficient. One way to stop money from going down the drain is to clean up with laundry efficiency.

    "Because it is a frequent household activity, laundry over the course of a year can consume a significant amount of hot water and electricity," says Renee Molyneux, Administrative Services Manager of the Grand Haven Board of Light & Power. "Small changes like washing with cooler water temperatures are not only easier on the energy bill, but also easier on your clothing."

    One way to save is to only do full loads of laundry. Washing machines use about the same amount of energy regardless of the size of load. So, doing one large load instead of several small ones will save on energy costs. Click for more Energey Saving Tips

  • Safety Tips for College Students

    Before heading to college, students need to be equipped with supplies for their dorm rooms and important knowledge for living on their own—including electrical safety knowledge.

    Many colleges across the U.S. ban cooking appliances from on-campus housing including: hot plates, coffee makers, and microwaves; and many of these places may already have a designated area for the use of the products. Read more safety tips

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