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  • Higher Electric Bills

    This winter’s unusually cold weather is leading to higher than expected heating and electric bills, even if you have left your thermometer at the same setting as last year. It’s important to note that your furnace is working harder to maintain that temperature because of the colder temperatures outside.

    Below are a few energy savings tips that may help offset your higher heating energy consumption:

    Install a programmable thermostat to set different temperatures during the night and day. Program it to warm up the house in the morning, keep it cooler during the day while you are away, and warm it up again in the evening until bedtime. You can save approximately 2% on heating bills for every degree your thermostat temperature is turned down!

    Change your furnace filter. Monthly replacement of furnace filters in forced-air heating systems can save as much as 5% on heating bills.


    WARNING! SCAM ALERT – Some of our customers have been contacted via telephone recently requesting personal banking information. The callers are stating they are BLP employees and that they must make a payment immediately or their power will be shut off.  Please note: Board of Light & Power employees would not contact you via telephone to request personal banking information. If you receive a call from anyone stating they are an employee of the Board of Light & Power, please do not share any personal information with them and report the call to Grand Haven Public Safety.

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