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  • Scam

    We have been contacted by some of our customers indicating they have received calls from someone who is saying they are from the Michigan Electric company and if they don't make a payment right away their electricity will be shut off. The person calling is requesting credit card information.


    This is a scam. We would like to remind our customers you should not give out any information.


    Some key points we'd like to emphasize include:


    · We would not call customers and tell them their electricity is going to be shut off if they don't give us payment information.


    · We would not initiate a call requesting payment or credit card information.


    · If a customer receives a call requesting private information, they should not give it out unless they are sure of the identity of the person requesting it.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to call our
    Customer Account Representatives at: 616.846.6250.


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