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energy smart

washer dryer in stainless steal

The Grand Haven Board of Light and Power is implementing new programs to help residential, commercial, and industrial customers save energy and money.

For questions, please call 616-846-6250.

Click here for additional information concerning Energy Smart.

Click here for information on our Low Income Customer Program.

Click here for more information on the
Energy Optimization Surcharge and Renewable Energy Surcharge

Click here to view the Renewable Energy Plan

Click here to view the 2014 Energy Optimization Plan


Energy Efficient Lighting
Residential customers can receive
a FREE package of Compact Florescent Light Bulbs (CFL’s) when available. 
Click HERE for more details.

Energy Savings "Smart Strip" Rebate Program
Earn a $10 REBATE When You Purchase a “Smart Strip” or Intelligent Surge Protector! Click HERE for more information.

Refrigerator / Freezer Recycling
You can recycle that old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer for FREE. You will save money and earn a rebate!  Click HERE to see more details.

Check out this sneak-peak video of Jaco Environmental, a plant that makes money from recycling old refrigerators @ http://bit.ly/Kk3AgM

Residential Application for High Efficiency HVAC Systems
and Energy Star® Dehumidifiers
Click HERE for the application (PDF form)

Additional Resources
The BLP is a proud partner of Energy Star. 
Click HERE for more information about this Federal program.

Commercial / Industrial Programs

Business customers can receive financial incentives to implement energy efficiency projects.

Prescriptive Incentives
The Prescriptive Incentive Program provides incentives to business customers who replace inefficient lighting and equipment with high-efficiency technology.

Custom Incentives
The Custom Incentive Program provides incentives to business customers who make qualified improvements that are outside the parameters of the Prescriptive Program.

Click here to download our complete form package.

Additional Information
(click the links below):

Energy Smart Chiller fact sheet.
Energy Smart Food Service Equipment fact sheet.
Energy Smart HPT8 Lighting fact sheet.
Energy Smart Variable Frequency Drives fact sheet.