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Every dollar you pay is reinvested in your Municipal Utility
and benefits our local community

methods of payment

Pay Over the Internet or by Phone

We have partnered with Magic-Wrighter to provide you the option to pay your electric bill via credit card, debit card, checking or savings account debit. There is a "convenience fee" applied when using a credit or debit card. You must first register before we can accept payment using these methods.

Please note: Credit card payments made by the internet can take two days to be received in our office and electronic checks can take up to five days to be received in our office. If you are paying a past due amount please make a note of your confirmation number that is given you. To avoid additional collection fees or possible disconnect on a past due amount you should call Customer Service at the Board of Light & Power (616-846-6250) and report the payment and confirmation number.

CLICK HERE to set up your payment account.

(clicking this link will launch a new window)

Automatic Bill Payment (ACH)


With Automatic Bill Payment your electric bills are paid automatically and on time.  You authorize us to charge your checking or savings account the amount shown on your bill, on the payment due date. Payments are not lost or delayed in the mail. Payments are made on the schedule payment date to eliminate late charges.


When it comes to paying your bills, use the convenient, easy way. You eliminate the need to write check and reduce the time spent paying bills.  You can save on any check charges you might incur. Payments are automatically recorded on your account statement by your financial institution.

Easy to use

Automatic Bill Payment is simple to initiate. To register for this service, CLICK HERE, complete the document and return it with a voided check to:

Grand Haven Board of Light & Power
1700 Eaton Dr.
Grand Haven, MI  49417